I always love telling the story of Pyramid PGH. For those who have taken this journey with us, I thank you, and would like you to know that it is your support and continued engagement that allows us to innovate, and create more opportunity within our communities. For those of you who are only beginning your journey with Pyramid, you are joining the ranks of thousands of students, artists, entrepreneurs, corporations, and everyday champions who have committed to a more positive, social and productive Tomorrow. 


First steps are always filled with excitement, uncertainty and naiveté. We find the strength to embark on some ill-defined path with no true notion of where we are going, or how to get there. Nonetheless, we take to our feet and stand with confidence, staring into the unknown. Pyramid is no different in that sense. Fueled by a passion for community, and a hope to bring joy and connectivity to the young adults around the city of Pittsburgh, Pyramid Pgh took ITS first steps with sights on Pittsburgh's college nightlife. Launching our first event on October 4, 2014, the Homecoming House Party marks the beginning of our gradual ascent toward incorporation and legitimacy. 

Many business owners feel the need to glaze over the tumultuous stages of their "humble beginnings," but without the debilitating struggle of molding and defining your vision, how could you ever know how meaningful your work has been; how precious your time, and how valuable your products, ideas, and services truly are. "There's beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success,"