• Wintana Zerai

Boeing needs Grounded!

In response to the recent deadly plane crash Ethiopia, many countries have decided to ground their Boeing 737 Max 8 planes, which is the same model that crashed in Ethiopia. The recent crash will be the Boeing 737’s second crash in the past five months. In both crashes, the plane crashed shortly after takeoff, which many believe is indicative of something being wrong with the plane. While the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has maintained that there is “continued airworthiness” many countries, boasting approximately two-thirds of the Boeing 737’s in the world, have decided to remain cautious until further research is done into the Ethiopia crash. Many politicians in Washington are calling for the U.S. to follow other countries and ground Boeing flights as well. However, that is unlikely since Boeing paid millions to President Trump's campaign and pays many of the members of congress now, creating a conflict of interest. Due to this scandal, Boeing shares have fallen 6.2 percent in just two days with growing apprehension around the world.

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