• Wintana Zerai

Brain Teaser

If you’re into puzzles, riddles, or just want to try something new then check out the Spellbound Escape Room on E Pittsburgh St.. Perfect for families and friends of all ages the escape room is a chance to test your cleverness and detective skills. The theme of this escape room is the wizarding world and magic.

The escape room describes the plot of the room saying, “You’ve traveled to the magic school and taken the admissions exam, but didn’t pass. As a result, a horrible curse has been placed on you to ensure you don’t attempt further magic as a muggle. Your train ride home has been summoned, but the door to the wizarding world is within reach. Can you reverse the curse and prove that you have the skills to join the wizarding school before your ride home arrives?” Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at 60minuteadmissions.com/spellbound.

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