• Wintana Zerai

Leaving so soon?

It’s looking more likely that a no-deal Brexit may occur in the UK. A no-deal Brexit is one that means the UK would leave the EU immediately without agreeing on what kind of relationship the two would have in the future. Politicians are having a hard time agreeing on the terms of their agreement therefore every idea has been rejected. Businesses have expressed their dislike of Parliaments continued rejection of the Prime Minister’s European Union plan.

Business leaders have asked the government to come up with a solution to solve a no-deal brexit quickly. Leaders have cited that the uncertainty that workers face is causing low spirits and affecting the morals of workers. It is also harder for businesses in the food and drink industry to operate without having a clear path of the future. They are scared that a sudden shift in the market is going to happen soon in their country, forcing them into a turbulent spiral for stability.

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