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Pittsburgh Weekly Watch

Coming to Pittsburgh, an exciting and unique event, the Color of Music: Black

Classical Musicians Festival. This Wednesday, February 13, at 7:00 pm in the Carnegie Music

Hall, three-time Emmy Award winner, John Wineglass, will have have his original score “A

Requiem For Rice” showcased in its orchestral debut. John Wineglass has described the

message and purpose of his work as, “A tribute to the suffering, sacrifices, and contributions, of

blacks enslaved on low-country rice plantation who remain, un-buried, unmourned, and

unmarked.” The inspiration for his work came from classic pieces by composers such as Mozart

and Verdi, but Wineglass has added a strong West African spin to it. This concert is sure

to be one of a kind, with a musical style that is artistically uncommon. A great opportunity to see

something new. Tickets are $20 for seniors/students, and $30 for adults.

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